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Click the video button below to see our finger doughnut production system

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Apple USA LLC provides a complete range of food processing machinery and food processing systems which can be utilized by the processing segment of the Food Industry.  We offer as many as seven different size ranges of volumetric depositors, and a multitude of food processing systems such as Automated Dropping, De-Nesting and Placing system, Herb and Powder Applicator system, Bucket Filling system, the world’s first successful “Border Free” Pizza Sauce Depositing and Spreading system, Multi-functional Compact Cassette Pump system, Automatic Cherry Placement system, and Ultra Sonic Cake & Pizza Cutter.

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Deposit accuracy is always a key factor when purchasing filling machines and, with the ability to deposit to tolerances of less than 1 gram, Apple USA LLC is at the forefront of the industry.

Robust, user-friendly designs and controls, along with a high degree of reliability and excellent service support, compliment the outstanding performance of the Apple USA LLC Equipment.